Film: Stories in Motion 

Vitruvian Entertainment, as an audiovisual production company, has created and collaborated on cinematic works alongside Daniel Chamorro, which have garnered over 650 selections and 150 awards at national and international film festivals.

At Vitruvian Entertainment, we view each cinematic project as a unique opportunity to craft a captivating visual experience. We create our own stories, but we are open to collaborating with you if your project excites us.

Richard Hansen

Short Films, Documentaries, Feature Films

Short films such as "Tempus Fugit," "XYX," or "Ecuador con los ojos cerrados" have had a successful journey through festivals and have been selected at film festivals recognized by the Hollywood Oscars committee. We continue to develop both fiction and documentary projects.

Film Posters and Credits

We have designed film posters and credits for external works. The short film "Yallah" by Carlo D'Ursi, for which we designed the credits, won the José María Forqué award. We are open to designing for your projects as well.


We offer you an exclusive look at our short film “AVANCE (BET!)," featuring Fernando Guillén Cuervo


SYNOPSIS: Playing is fun... very fun.

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